Greater Portland Women's
 Ice Hockey
Portland Maine

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It's a new season!  The website is under new management, so bear with us as we work out the kinks.  Thanks!

Play safe and... HAVE FUN!

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Greater Portland Women’s Ice Hockey is a volunteer run organization, operating since 1987. Our programs are all non-checking and recreational. We are open to players of all levels, ages 18 and over (some exceptions).
We offer Women’s Leagues/Clinics/Scrimmages

If team competition is what you're looking for, the league
hosts two traveling teams, The Breakaways and the Coon Cats.

The Dominators, a beginners/intermediate team, does not participate in tournaments. We do host games in the area and will travel to other rinks upon invitation.

Whether you're just getting interested in hockey or you're fresh out of college, there's a place for you!
Our goal is have good safe fun!

Here's a testimonial from one of our newer players:

I just wanted to give a very big heartfelt thank you for letting me play with you guys. After high school I thought I would never play again, and now I haven't been this happy since I played in high school and that was a generally stressful environment as well as not being able to improve. So, thank you for lighting that fire again.

Rinks*  PIA
 Monday AM
 Fridays AM

Current Sessions
Year 2014

 Sept 1-April '14 Starts Sept, ends June
Starts Sept, ends June


 6:50pm- 8:05pm 9:20am-
8:50pm-10:05pm 9:20am-
Level of Play
Beg= Beginner
Int= Intermediate
Adv= Advanced

Mixed, mostly beg/int Mixed, mostly beg/int
All Welcome
Int/Adv Int/Advanced Mixed, mostly int
All Welcome

 Next Session Begins

November Ongoing   April ongoing

 sign up Deadline

 Contact GPWIH
 just show up

(by invitation) $10
 just show up
USA Hockey Registration
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Travis Roy Ice Arena at NYA, 497 Rt 1, Yarmouth, Maine 207-846-2384
Portland Ice Arena, 225 Park Avenue, Portland, Maine 207-774-8553
FIC Family Ice Center, 20 Hat Trick Drive, Falmouth, Maine (behind Wal Mart) 781-4200


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